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LA BIOSTHETIQUE® understands that every person is an individual, and therefore deserves only the best personalised treatments, from our professional Biostheticians®.

LA BIOSTHETIQUE® is a totally holistic concept for perfect beauty - a harmonious blend of products and services. At the beginning of the 1950's in Paris, the Biochemist Marcel Contier discovered the physiological connections between hair and skin. He used this to develop a sensational, and innovative beauty concept. Individual scalp and hair care product ranges and fashionable hair designs, are combined with professional colouring techniques; exclusive beauty services with premium skin care cosmetics, make-up and well-being treatments which integrate aromatherapy.

Please contact the team at Attz Hair on (02) 4626 6322 to book your La Biosthetique® colour, or call us for a Biostheticians® near you.

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